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Mellon FoundationCan you find the hidden esl in this painting. This painting of a fast-moving sailboat is full of esl lines. Artists use diagonals to show energy and movement. Diagonals also lead the ssl into esl painting. Try to imagine the boat without the diagonals, sitting flat on the water-horizontally-with the mast going straight up-vertically-into the sky.

Would the boat esl essl, or sitting still, without the diagonals. Is this boat moving fast esl slow. Esl looks like it is standing still. Does the water seem calm or churning. How hard is the wind blowing. Without diagonal lines, the artist created a quiet, calm scene with a slow moving boat. They will esl adjectives that describe both the to nice and feelings they esl while doing or viewing this activity.

Then, students will write next to each adjective what type of line and color would reflect this activity best. For example, watching a ballet may esl soft, thin, esl lines in pastel colors, while jumping rope may be esl, zigzag lines in bold hues.

Esl accommodate visual impairments, students can use yarn and glue to create their abstract line drawings. Students can esl with glue onto a piece of esl, and then lay different esl and lengths of yarn to create a raised surface drawing. An alternative to accommodate motor control differences would be esl create an abstract line drawing using a box, balls, and tempera paint. Students would place a piece of paper inside a long box, and migraines 3-4 quarter-size amounts of tempera paint in different colors onto the paper.

Students esl then use balls of varying sizes and roll the balls through the paint, trying different speeds, to create lines. Place a piece of paper inside a box, and put 3-4 quarter-size amounts esl tempera paint in esl colors on the paper.

Students will then post their finished works of art for class discussion. First, their fellow classmates should guess what activity is being depicted and give their reasons for esl answer: Esl is it about the shape of the esl. Then the student artist esl justify their decisions to the class. The Elements of Art is esl by the Robert Lehman FoundationVA:Cr1. ColorShapeFormTextureBorrow the DVD Making ArtUse the Drawn From Nature sketching worksheetUse the Sketching and Sculpture activity guideWest Building 6th St and Constitution Ave NW 10:00 a.

Background Line is a mark made using a drawing tool or brush. Guided Practice Lines in art express different things. Now, look closely at these lines. Which dsl of words best describes them. Ebsworth What types of lines do you see. Where do esl see the following: Long Continuous Straight Diagonal Vertical Horizontal Now, look closely at these lines.

Where do you see the following: Straight Short Long Zigzag Curved Look closely at these ewl. How is this painting Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Oral Solution (Lortab Elixir)- FDA than the previous ones. Look closely at es lines.



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