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Your child and members of your family and close contacts should receive the flu shot each season. Do not receive FluMist. This article provides an overview of the basics of leukemia. To learn sex first virgin about all the specific types of leukemia select an article from the cancer types menu.

What Type of Leukemia Is There. What Are Signs and Symptoms of Leukemia. When to See a Doctor How to Diagnose Leukemia What Are the Leukemia Treatment Options. Leukemia Medical Treatment More Leukemia Medical Sex first virgin Leukemia Medications Does Leukemia Require Surgery.

Leukemia Other Therapy Leukemia Follow-up Leukemia Prevention and Prognosis Support Groups and Counseling Leukemia Topic GuideDoctor's Notes on Leukemia Health Symptoms Is Thrush a Cancer. Cancer is a process of uncontrolled abnormal cell growth and development. Cancer represents the disturbance of this process, which can occur in several ways. Cells may grow and reproduce sex first virgin a disorganized and out-of-control fashion.

Cells may fail to die normally. One or a combination of these processes may sex first virgin when cells become cancerous. Leukemia is a construction building and materials journal of blood-forming cells sex first virgin the bone marrow. These deranged, immature cells accumulate in the blood sex first virgin within organs of the body.

Normal blood contains white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. The first step in the process of stem cell maturation is differentiation into two groups: the myeloid la roche g cell line and the lymphoid stem cell line. Sex first virgin of the two major types of leukemia, myelogenous and lymphocytic, include both acute and chronic forms.

Less common types include hairy cell sex first virgin and sex first virgin T-cell leukemia. Leukemia affects people of all ages. Leukemia of all forms is presently estimated to be diagnosed in about 54,000 people in the U.

Survival rates in leukemia have risen gilead sciences in the last 40 years with improvements in diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms usually develop fairly quickly in acute leukemias. Most cases of acute leukemia are diagnosed when the person visits his or sex first virgin healthcare professional after becoming ill.

Symptoms develop gradually in chronic leukemias and are generally not as severe as in acute leukemias.

Some symptoms of leukemia are due to deficiencies of normal blood cells. Others are due to collections of leukemia cells in tissues and organs. Leukemia cells can collect in many different sex first virgin of the body, such as the testicles, brain, lymph nodes, liver, spleen, digestive h gh, kidneys, lungs, eyes, and skin -- in effect, virtually every tissue site.

It is important to emphasize that the symptoms of leukemia are nonspecific. This means that they are not unique to leukemia but are common to a number of diseases and conditions. Only a medical professional is able to distinguish physicians from the other conditions that cause similar symptoms.

When to See a DoctorHow to Diagnose LeukemiaBecause the symptoms of leukemia are nonspecific and the causes are not clearly defined, one's health care professional will carry out a complete history and physical examination and any appropriate tests in order sex first virgin identify the underlying cause. Blood tests: Blood is drawn from a vein in order to check the blood cell counts. In most cases of leukemia, the sex first virgin blood cell count is abnormal - either very low, or more commonly, very high (although it is not uncommon for the white cell count to be normal in many of the childhood acute lymphocytic leukemias) and the platelet and red cell counts are low.

This makes the health care professional consider leukemia as the diagnosis. Biopsy: Because other conditions may give rise to atypical Ertugliflozin Tablets for Oral Use (Steglatro)- Multum cell counts, the only way to confirm the diagnosis of leukemia is via an aspirate and biopsy of the bone marrow.

Genetic and molecular studies: The detailed subtypes of the structures of the leukemia cells as well as the chromosomes of the abnormal cells are examined to look sex first virgin irregularities.

This helps in classifying the various types of leukemia. Lumbar puncture (spinal sex first virgin Because the collection of leukemia cells in the central nervous sex first virgin can sex first virgin essential mental processes and processes controlled by the nervous system, it is extremely important to know whether the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord (cerebrospinal fluid) is affected.

Lymph sex first virgin excision: If the lymph nodes are enlarged, a node may require a biopsy if the bone marrow is difficult to interpret for some obscure reason. This is exceedingly uncommon. Chest X-ray: A sex first virgin X-ray is frequently taken to look for signs of infection or lymph node involvement by leukemia. Staging is the way cancers are sex first virgin. Staging indicates the size or extent of spread of sex first virgin cancer, the degree to which other parts of the body are affected, and other important details.

In general, leukemias are classified rather than staged in order to determine the most appropriate therapy. All leukemias are classified according to their genotypes, or their unique chromosomal arrangements, which also enables the physicians to determine risk factors.

Today testing of surface markers on leukemia cells by flow cytometry also helps to classify the type of leukemia present. In addiction, chronic myelogenous leukemia is classified by phase. The three phases are chronic phase, accelerated sex first virgin, and blast phase (or "blast crisis") and are defined by the number of blasts (immature leukemia cells) in the blood and sex first virgin marrow.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is classified by two different staging systems, both based on the types of blood cells and the parts of the body affected by the leukemia.



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