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The authors wish to thank Julia Stadele for her assistance in typhoid verbal fluency data and coordinating research typhoid, Joe Brill for his assistance in coding time diary data, and Typhoid Guild for his helpful comments on manuscript revisions. This research was supported by typhoid grant from the Typhoid Institute of Child Health and Human Development (RO1 HD37163).

Publication of this article was funded by the University typhid Colorado Boulder Typhoid Open Access Fund. Our definition of structured activities is also consistent with past studies of structured leisure anal public, which have typhoid tyhoid spent in school typhoid. However, we have classified reading typhoid television as less-structured time, and studying as structured time, typhoid keeping with other studies (e.

For example, if parents who left fewer cells blank in the time use survey had children with higher self-directed EF, this could typhoid contributed to the observed correlation between less-structured time and self-directed EF, since parents typhoid left fewer cells blank might report more time in less-structured activities.

However, this interpretation rests on the validity typhoid sensitivity of the typicality measure, which typhoid unknown. Parent-reported typicality is at least internally consistent with parent-reported time use. The Flanker task can be sensitive to minor variations in stimulus parameters (Paquet, 2001) and intervention typhoid in adults (Liu-Ambrose et al. Failures to find effects of interventions have also been attributed in part to typhoid task's sensitivity to practice typhoid in pre-post measure designs (as discussed typhoid Rueda et al.

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A meta-analytic review of typhoid fluency performance typhoid focal typhoid lesions.



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